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Institutional Self-Study - Final

Cover, Contents and Introductory Matter

Standard 1: Mission and Purposes

Appendices for Standard 1

Standard 2: Planning

Appendices for Standard 2

Standard 3: Organization and Governance

Standard 4: Academic Programs

Appendices for Standard 4

Standard 5: Faculty

Standard 6: Students

Appendices for Standard 6

Standard 7: Library and Other Information Resources

Appendices for Standard 7

Standard 8: Physical and Technological Resources

Standard 9: Financial Resources

Standard 10: Public Disclosure

Standard 11: Integrity

Appendix A: Steering Committee, Authors and Contributors

Appendix B: CIHE Data Forms

Appendix C: Public Disclosure

Appendix D: Insurance Coverage Summary

Appendix E: Financial Statements

Appendix F: Key Documents and Websites

Institutional Self-Study Complete Document

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